Our Tools

Kodak Intra-Oral Camera

We take the best quality pictures for you to understand your mouth better and appreciate the level of care delivered at Adina’s Dental Cosmetics.


‘X-Smart Plus’ Endodontic Motor

In order to make your root canal treatment experience pain free and smooth sailing, we use state of the art equipment with Niti Rotary instruments to reduce the time you are in the dental chair.


Kodak Digital X-Ray Machine

We believe going digital is the way forward by accepting and adapting to newer technologies for our patient’s long term benefit.

Kodak Digital X-Ray Machine

Single Tooth Anaesthesia (Wand)

We use the most advanced equipment such as the ‘wand’ which is designed to make your ‘anaesthesia’ almost pain free. Nowadays more and more patients are asking for the wand!


Root Zx Apex Locator

We believe in saving teeth using root canal treatment and to achieve the best and more predictable results, we use equipment which is accepted as the gold standard.