Our Team

At Adina’s Dental Cosmetics, we have a well experienced team of Dentists, Dental Assistants and Receptionists to give you the ultimate care during your dental treatment from start to finish, ensuring your experience is comfortable and memorable for all the right reasons.

Our Dentists have been in the dental field treating patients for more than 20 years. Our Dental Assistants are caring and always have a hand ready to be held, ensuring each and every patient feels comfortable throughout every procedure. Our Receptionist staff collectively have over 10 years’ experience in the Dental Industry and pride themselves on being meticulous and organized, scheduling your appointments to your individual needs. Our clinic’s manager Komal is the common point of assimilation for the smooth flowing of our practice pertaining to her vast experience in the dental field. She is dedicated and passionate about dentistry and is there every step of the way of your dental journey.


Dr. Kedar Samant

Dr Kedar Samant

Dr Samant passed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1994 from Pune University, India and then started work in private practice in Bombay as an associate dentist. In 1996 after gaining some experience in the field, he decided to do his Masters in Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) which was completed at Gujarat University, India in 1999.

Dr Samant started his own private practice in Bombay till 2010. During that time with the urge to distribute his knowledge and experience to future generations, the year in 2000 he decided to get into part-time teaching in Endodontics at Nair Dental College and Hospital, Bombay and later on at Dr D.Y.Patil Dental College, New-Bombay, where he was an Associate Professor till 2009.

The desire to explore the world brought him to Australia where he passed his qualifying examinations for Australian Dental Council in 2009. Since then he was working in Melbourne as an Associate Dentist in a Private Practice in Brunswick and also part-time at Monash Health’s Dental wing serving all sectors of the community.

In 2011, Dr Samant and his wife decided to relocate to Shepparton after falling in love with the country lifestyle and the friendliness of the locals. Since then he has prided himself on looking after the dental needs of the Goulburn Valley.

Dr. Anjali Ragade

Dr Anjali Ragade

Dr. Ragade has always enjoyed interacting with people, and liked working with her hands; hence she decided to go into dentistry. She graduated from the University of Bombay, India with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1994.

In 1995 after finishing her Internship, she started work in private practice. In 1997 Dr Ragade started her own private practice in Pune until 2012.

Dr Ragade has completed numerous “hands-on” courses over the years in a wide variety of field including Root Canal Treatments, Crown and Bridge work, Cosmetics Dentistry and Children’s Dentistry both in Australia and abroad.

In 2010 she completed her postgraduate programme in Esthetic Dentistry from State University of New York in Buffalo, United States. In 2012 she completed a training and orientation course at the Asia Pacific Institute of Dental Education and Research (AIDER) in Melbourne.

In 2012 Dr Ragade relocated to Australia with her husband and two young boys. She now works part-time at the Echuca Regional Health Hospital and at Adina’s Dental Cosmetics to achieve a balance of work both in the public and private sector. She loves working with young children and doing cosmetic dental work, but most of all she loves meeting new people.

Dr. Anil Ragade

Dr Anil Ragade

Dr Ragade had a passion for creating therefore decided to learn dentistry. He graduated from University of Bombay, India in 1994. He then worked as an associate dentist at a very well respected and long running practice in Pune where he developed an interest in prosthetic dentistry, a branch which deals with replacement options such as complete and partial dentures and fixed replacement options such as crowns, bridges and implants.

To further pursue his newly found interest, he decided to study further and complete his masters in prosthodontics from Gujarat University in 1999. After completing his masters, Dr Ragade came back to Pune to join his wife and together they successfully ran their own private practice for 15 years until 2012.

In 2003, he went to Germany to learn about Implant dentistry, a new and upcoming field at that time and since then has been doing implant cases on a regular basis.

With a view to keep abreast of the latest and interact with other professionals, he went into part-time teaching at Dr D.Y.Patil Dental College, Pune as an associate professor for almost 10 years, from 2001 to 2010.

A chance visit to Australia and New Zealand in 2010 made him fall in love with this spectacular country with its scenic locales and wonderful, friendly people, so after clearing his Australian Dental Council’s qualifying exams in 2012, he was offered a permanent position as senior dentist at the Echuca Regional Health Hospital in Echuca. He was delighted to take it up as he was able to balance it by working part time in a private position with his good friend and colleague Dr Samant in this practice Adina’s Dental Cosmetics.