Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is used widely to prevent dental caries (holes in teeth). There are various method of fluoride application for teeth benefits which have shown to reduce caries by 20-50%. Although community fluoridated water and fluoride toothpaste rank first as public health measures, many of us in the Goulburn Valley still don’t have access to community water and hence lack the advantage of fluoridated water.
Review of epidemiological data for Australia indicates that the twice-daily use of toothpaste containing fluoride will prevent new caries development in approximately 60-70% of adults.In spite of these measures, those children and adults who show development or one of more new carious lesions or cervical white spots on their teeth need additional methods of application of fluoride.

These methods involve professional application (every 3-6 months) of-

  • Professional applications of fluoride varnishes
  • Concentrated fluoridated gels
  • Foams
  • CPP-ACP such as tooth mousse

At Adina’s Dental Cosmetics, we provide comprehensive guidance about optimum use of fluoride for your dental benefit. We can provide you comprehensive examination and suggestion about which fluoridated toothpastes or mouth rinses you can use.

Note: The aim of this general information is to educate the reader about Fluoride Treatments and may not essentially contain all aspects of the treatment. It would be beneficial to see us for a consultation to discuss the procedure and all of the associated complications.

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